A cheap alternative to Central

$60, 7 hrs of eating, 3 altitudes.

When I landed in Lina, I was STARVING. I regretted being snobby not eating my baked pasta dish on LATAM. I looked online to find what activity I could do that day- something with food. So I found this food tour operated by Haku. Since it was the day of, I contacted them via WhatsApp and they were quick to respond. Off I went-

Which healthy popping boba should I buy?

Ok... so let me level with you “healthy popping boba” is an oxymoron. Popping boba is super high in sugar and all products on the market have roughly the same ingredients. I’ve scoured the internet and found some products that are Better than most: they have a higher proportion of real ingredients, like fruit juice.

No more bad coffees in LA: Best Coffee Shops in West LA

Every time I’m in LA, I gotta get my coffee fix before 6 hours of class. There are SO many little coffee shops in LA it’s kind of hard to pick favorites. I like the coffee shops below because they have something unique about them. They’re not just the run-of-the-mill Scandanavian decor, well-dressed-barista kind of shops. Here are West LA’s best coffee shops.

Best Camera for Food Photography

Buying a camera is stressful and expensive - I was just there. I bough my camera last Black Friday after months of intensive research. After a year of seeing competitors pop up, I'm still over the moon with my camera. Since Black Friday is right around the corner, I figured this was the perfect time for a post about the best camera for food blogging: the Sony a6000.

Practical Holiday Gifts You Will Actually Use

I’m seeing all these “Kitchen Holday Gift” guides and I’m not enthralled by what’s on these lists. They’re very generic, the items are expensive, and they’re pretty useless. Like if someone bought me a soda stream, I’d be like, “Thanks, I’ll probably only use this once and it will lose its novelty.” Here’s a list of items that I use almost every week and are worth every cent. 

Maui in 5 Days

Ok, Hawaii is pretty dope.

Prior to visiting, I was always told that Hawaii is gorgeous, but super touristy and expensive. EVERYONE has an opinion on what time of year to go and for how long. Forget what they say and just go - I went in April for 5 days and it was amazing. It’s a 5 hour flight from the Bay and totally worth visiting if you’re on the West Coast. It is GORGEOUS and the poke is LIT.

Do I need a pizza stone?

If you make at home and you you use a regularly pan, your pizza may turn out mushy, gooey, and baked in all the wrong places.

I know what you’re thinking: “Not another F appliance. I already have a crock pot, an Instant Pot, a rice cooker, a toaster, toaster oven. I’m drowning in appliances.” Enter pizza stone.