Do I need a pizza stone?

If you make at home and you you use a regularly pan, your pizza may turn out mushy, gooey, and baked in all the wrong places.

I know what you’re thinking: “Not another F appliance. I already have a crock pot, an Instant Pot, a rice cooker, a toaster, toaster oven. I’m drowning in appliances.” Enter pizza stone.

CDMX To Do List

Anthony Bourdain's books (Kitchen Confidential / Medium Raw) have got me thinking... a lot. In a world of Cheesecake Factories and "hipster" Cheesecake factories, there's a lot of in-authenticity in the food scene. When I visited Mexico City, I had grand plans of eating at Mexico City's finest: the types of restaurant that you can reserve on Open Table. The type of restaurants that Instagrammers post about... the type of restaurants bloggers eat at for free. 

The Best Almond Jelly

I was always impressed when boba shops made their own almond jelly. Let me tell you a little secret... it's not that hard. In this recipe, I use agar agar instead of gelatin because it's vegan and has a firmer texture than gelatin. Something about having animal products in my desserts irks me a bit.