Where to Stay in Iceland

When you're planning a road trip, it's stressful deciding where to stay. You have to consider getting from point A --> B, drive time, and whether it's actually a place you'd like to spend the night. And for a foreigner, the long names of Icelandic cities doesn't make it any easier to make a plan.

Here is a sample itinerary with drive times and tips for your Icelandic road trip.

Kimchi Miso Noodle Soup

I've stopped going to my favorite Japanese Hot Pot place in San Francisco (Shabu House) because I discovered they use MSG in their broth. And I found out in the most distressing way.

Me: This hot pot is especially salty today. Do you think they use MSG?
Friend: No- of course not- I wouldn't come here if they used MSG.
Me: Excuse me (to waitress)- is there MSG in this?
Waitress: (nods fervently)

10 Food Faux Pas

Posts like these are some of my favorite to write. Unfortunately, they  have no actionable content.

Regardless, if you like sass and critique of those without common sense, these are some food practices I despise. STOP the madness.

11 Coffee Practices that Make Me Cringe

Stop the madness. Coffee offenders can come in all shapes and forms. It can be a barista of a hipster coffee shop or even your friend with the fancy espresso machine. These are coffee practices that should be punishable offenses.

I'm sorry if this is you. I hope this post is enlightening.