The Best Boba in Austin, TX

The Best Boba in Austin, TX
 Strangest bubble tea top ever.

Strangest bubble tea top ever.

Bubble tea is great, especially in Texas heat. At a price of $3.50 a pop, you want to get what you pay for especially if you're as picky as me. Here's how I judge boba.

Judging Boba - 
Boba should be chewy, but not mushy, and definitely not hard. It should have some flavor- whether it's brown sugar or honey.

Judging Tea -
It shouldn't be under or over-steeped. Also, powder is not preferred - it defeats the 'tea' part of bubble tea.

Drink Rating:

1= Never go here again
3= Nothing special
>3.5= Would come back
5= I wish I had this every day

Overall: Considers service, ambiance, and how the drinks taste...

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The Bad

The Good



Tapioca House

Powdery, boba isn't great quality, you get what you pay for

Inexpensive, close to campus



Yaya's Cafe

Sometimes they run out of boba, the drinks are often too sweet, their boba is okay

The condensed milk they put in their drinks is very yummy



Coco's Cafe

Maybe price? I have nothing bad to say about this place.

Close to campus. Deccent drink choices. Solid boba spot. The staff is nice.




Not open super late, not many options for jellies

Creamy boba drinks & they have a punch card; also the lady working here is super nice




The lady that owns this place is a pennypincher. If you ask for less ice, you get less drink. Their cups are made of the cheapest plastic, so you may spill your drink on your way out of the store. This would all be okay if the drinks were inexpensive as well- no - this place will set you back $5 for a small boba. It's gourmet boba without the service. I hate supporting businesses like this... too bad the drinks are so good.

They have a large variety of teas, and their drinks are very yummy.



Teapioca House

Far from campus

Stamp cards, lots of options, their boba is cooked to perfection, they have lots of jelly offerings. You can even get snow ice here. This is the best boba in Austin.




Not good at all. The people at the front lied about how fresh the boba was.

Supposedly the same franchise is good elsewhere.



Finding food that worth the calories.