The Best Chocolate Chip Scone and Some Alternatives

The Best Chocolate Chip Scone and Some Alternatives

The Preface: I love chocolate scones. I really don't care about fruit scones and get really annoyed when I accidentally pick up a currant scone, thinking its a chocolate chip one. A majority of chocolate chip scones are shitty. They're either too tough and crumbly or too mushy and cake like. Below is a list of some of the best chocolate chip scones I've had. 

I apologize in advance for the crappy photography. I was getting impatient and just wanted to eat...

La Patisserie / Houndstooth Coffee
Austin, TX
Rating: 5

When I had my first bite of this scone- I knew this was the best. It is a perfect mix of moist and crumbly- the way a scone should be. The chocolate chips are chips- not chunks. I originally found them at Houndstooth Coffee- I liked them so much that a friend called and asked them where they sourced them from- hence La Patisserie. 

Peet's Coffee
Rating: 4.5

The only problem with these scones are that they are littler than other scones- they're called Petite Chocolate Chip scones. This forces me to get 3- and scones are quite high in caloric count. I like these because they're not super sweet. 


Coffee Bean Tea Leaf
Rating: 4

Great scone - very moist, but it's just a little too sweet, which forces me to rank it below Peet's. 

Whole Foods
Rating: 3.5

The Sweet Cream Chocolate Chip Scone at Whole Foods is only docked in its rating because it is sometimes not moist enough. Other than that - how can you resist the words 'sweet cream' and 'chocolate chip' together? Whole Foods has a good deal where you can get a coffee drink and a pastry for a discounted price. I'm always tempted to buy the 4 pack of these, but I know that is probably more calories than I need to eat in a week. 

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