Best Indian Food in Austin, TX

Best Indian Food in Austin, TX

This was actually a very difficult list to compile, considering...

  •  Austin doesn't have a lot of Indian food
  • The Indian food in Austin is not very good
  • The opening of Teji's in the Fall of 2013

So I went to Teji's in Round Rock initially- on my way back from the Round Rock outlets. It. Was. Excellent. And I lamented that it was so far away.

Clearly I revere Teji's, so instead of doing a typical ambiance/ food ranking list - I'll provide a list with some commentary on how Teji's is better.

Unfortunately, there is no yummy photo to accompany this post because when I get Teji's chicken biryani - I eat it too quickly to take anything.

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Food Rating


Asiana Indian Cuisine


Food is not memorable.

The Clay Pit


Teji's is right around the corner- why would you ever go here? I guess if you wanted a "nice" Indian dinner.

Tarka Indian Kitchen


Indian fast food done correctly. I'd probably still get a Teji's wrap instead.

Bombay Bistro


I would go back if I had a group and wanted a "nice" Indian dinner. I much prefer eating out of a Teji's to-go container.

Biryani Pot


Wouldn't go back - it was far away and not yummy.



Easily the best Indian food in Austin (especially the one in Round Rock). I wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else for Indian food. The one near campus is not as good, but a still the best option for Indian foor around.

Paradise Biryani Pointe


The biryani was not excellent as the restaurant name suggests.

G'Raj Mahal


The ambiance was great. The food was nothing special.

Naan Sense


It's a cool idea and the wraps are decent.



This was the closest cheap Indian food to campus until Teji's showed up.

Masala Wok


It's a cute chain. Unfortunately, I would rather go to Tarka.

Royal India


The first time I went here the food was fine. The second time, it ranks in the top 20 worst Indian food experiences I've had.

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