Meatless Meat Products

Sometimes, I just want to eat fake meat. Sometimes, I just don't want to have to worry about cooking a meat to its optimal temperature. That is why I eat Meatless meat products.

Rating: 3
Would I buy again? No.

These veggie links are good for putting in tacos and have a chewy texture. Unfortunately, they taste quite salty. You're better off buying a block of tofu, marinating it in Chipotle con Adobo and frying that up. 

Smart Dogs
Rating: 5
Would I buy again? Yes.

I really can't believe these are not meat- which makes me wonder what real hot dogs are made of.  Eat these with the Hot & Sweet mustard they sell at Trader Joe's - or you can fry them in some garlic and Stub's BBQ sauce. The calories and nutrition content are not bad at all.

Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs
Rating: 2.5
Would I buy again? No.
I really liked them initially - until I realized that they really don't taste like anything. They're essentially balls of mush.

Trader Joe's Meatless Breakfast Patties
Rating: 4.5
Would I buy again? Yes.

When cooked properly - you can't really tell if they're not meat. Make sure to cook thoroughly or else they will taste like a cold, mushy mess. These are great between a King's Roll Hawaiian bun. Only 80 calorie per patty and they have a fair amount of protein.

Light Life Smoky Tempeh
Rating: 3
Would I buy again? No.

Make sure to fry thoroughly or will taste like a slimy mess. The taste is decent. It is a little overwhelming to eat by themselves. I would recommend scrambling them in eggs or adding it to a veggie avocado sandwich to add a bit of crunch. 

Mexican Chipotle Sausages
Rating: 4.5
Would I buy again? Yes.

These are great to crush up and add to pasta sauce to make it 'meatier'. I probably wouldn't eat them by themselves. The flavor is a little strong and they're quite oily. They do have a nice spicy kick. 

Field Roast Breakfast Sausages
Rating: 4
Would I buy again? No

Great to stir fry with veggies. It has a sweet and savory taste, but can be mushy if not cooked enough.

The moral of the story with these meat products it to cook thoroughly - or else it will taste like a mushy mess.

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