Some of the Best Veggie Burgers & the Sh!t List: Sideboard Coffee Danville, CA

Some of the Best Veggie Burgers & the Sh!t List: Sideboard Coffee Danville, CA

The Back Story of the Black Bean Burger Search.

When I tried Hopdoddy's La Bandita black bean burger in Austin, I finally realized that I could consume (and enjoy) a veggie burger.

Ever since then, I have been trying different types of veggie burgers only to be mildly amused. One burger that came close to La Bandita is Sideboard's Veggie Burger in Danville, CA.

Oh She Glows Veggie Burger

Oh She Glows Veggie Burger

I liked it so much that I even requested nutrition facts- hoping that I could reverse engineer the burger. The waitress said that they had no nutrition facts and that the burger had healthy stuff like protein, and oats, but the bread was caloric. Disappointed, I am continuing to play with recipes to recreate this marvel, although I am sure it is made with 50% butter. (More on this at a later date).

The Sideboard Story.

Sideboard usually has wonderful service and their wait staff is delightful. They'll alter your meal how you like it and make sure you enjoy it. A week ago, I went to the restaurant and ordered my usual Veggie Burger with aioli and slaw on the side. If I want to take the burger home, I don't want it getting mushy.

The burger comes to my table and there's nothing on the side. I call the waitress back and tell her that I wanted the aioli and slaw, but wanted it on the side. She brings it to me. 

I split the aioli with my friends (there's still some left), and I choose not to eat the slaw. At the end of my delicious meal I get up to leave and the waitress comes up to me....

"If you didn't want that - you shouldn't have ordered it on the side."

This lady is officially on the shit list.

I wish I had been quippier at coming up with a response- all I could muster was, " I ate the aioli- see?"

But it was too late- she was already rushing off to sass some other table.

After consulting with a few friends and fuming for a few days - this is what I should have said/done back....

  • Throw the 2 tablespoons of slaw directly onto the floor.
  • Throw the 2 tablespoons of slaw onto her dress. (probably wouldn't have done this)
  • "Oops there goes your tip."
  • Throw 2 cents at her and say, "Oh, this should cover the cost of the slaw."
  • "I saved some for you!"
  • "I will eat whatever the (insert colorful word) I please!"
  • "If I purchase a slice of cheesecake, I can do whatever I want with it. I can even throw it directly into the trash can."
  • Actually purchase a slice of cheesecake and throw it in the trash.

This squatty, older woman provided me with the worst wait staff experience. Needless to say- I will come back for the burgers... send a strongly worded note to them, and continue to tell this tale. 

The Burgers.

Oh She GlowsPerfect Veggie Burger
Rating: 4
Why: Great vegan burger, lot's of nuts. Probably healthier than the first two. Great recipe. 

Sideboard Coffee - Veggie Burger (Danville, CA)
Rating: 4.5
Why: Lovely burger. The bread is not as good as Hopdoddy's and it tastes a little too buttery and can be cakey. I'm concerned about the caloric content. I feel like I'm tricking myself into thinking this is healthy because it is a black bean burger.

Hopdoddy's Black Bean Burger (Austin, TX)
Rating: 5
Why: There's nothing more magical than this burger. It's crisp, flavorful, and magical. It's worth the wait and goes great with a beer. Your carnivorous friends may actually like it.

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