Curse of Snob-ledge
Homemade Sofritas

Friend #1: How do you like the food here?
Friend #2: It's great - what do you think?

Me: Well- it's okay. I mean - I feel like it's okay... for the area... and the price range... and the time of day...

The curse of knowledge is a concept that states that better-informed people find it difficult to identify with the less-informed. 

Thus, Curse of Snob-ledge, refers those having a finer palette than most, preventing them to empathize with those with lesser taste. 

With knowledge comes power, and with eating lots of different food comes snobbiness.

This is a place for those who identify... those who want to refine their simple palette... those who want to be  (or are by default) ... snobby.

For your enjoyment (or disgust), here is a slice of Fig, Goat Cheese & Arugula Pizza on a Safeway Whole Wheat crust.

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Finding food that worth the calories.