Day 5 NZ Road Trip - Picton to Greymouth

Day 5 NZ Road Trip - Picton to Greymouth


This is Day 5 of the 8 day/7 night New Zealand Road Trip. If you haven't already, check out Day 4 - Wellington

As we progressed down from Aukland, the scenery became more and more beautiful. When we landed on the South Island, the weather and foliage was much different. It was more humid and the trees were more forest-y. (I regretted my decision not to bring a rain jacket.)

The Short Story.
9:00 AM Poached Eggs and Coffee at Gusto Cafe
10:00 AM Picton Overlook
12:00 PM Kush Cafe in Nelson
1:00 PM Melrose Cafe in Nelson
5:00 PM Subway in Greymouth
8:00 PM Sunset over the Indian Ocean

The Long Story.

The poached eggs at Gusto could not have been more perfect.

Have you ever seen a more perfect pair of poached eggs?

Leaving Picton, there is an overlook that lets you see the ferries coming in.

Gotta get out of this town before these people disembark and get on the road.

Nelson is a town in the north part of New Zealand's south island. It has cute cafes and restaurants and is a perfect place for coffee and brunch. Nelson and Marlborough (a surrounding region) are part of New Zealand's wine country. So if you're interested in wine tasting, this is the place to go.

Kush Coffee- They roast their beans here.

From Kush Coffee, I would recommend walking over to Melrose Cafe- a brunch/lunch place located in a historic house. They have an excellent high tea.

Asian Chicken Salad

Tea Time

Some sort of polenta dish

Currant Scone- I (Of Course) Thought it was chocolate Chip

As you drive down the island, make sure to stop on overlooks. 

Pull over and do the overlooks- it's worth it.

Let me confess. I ate Subway in the town of Greymouth. I know what you're going to say... Everything else was closed! Don't judge me.

You have to watch the sunset over greymouth.

Catch the sunset over the West Coast. It's beautiful. 

This is the sunset over the west Coast of New Zealand.

Lessons Learned
Make time to watch the sunset.
Consider integrating high tea & scones in your every day life.
Bring a rain jacket.
If you can't find a Wi-Fi spot in a town, drive around until you find a free one. 
Utilize Wi-Fi calling to schedule excursions. 

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