Making New Orleans Style Coffee Better

Making New Orleans Style Coffee Better

If you're like me, espresso > coffee. To non-coffee snobs, there is a difference between an iced latte and iced coffee. 

Most of us don't have an espresso machine, but we crave for that strong, bold flavor that we'll never get from plain black coffee. I mean I guess you can, but the coffee will end up tasting burnt. New Orleans Style coffee is a good alternative to espresso.

New Orleans style coffee is what it is because of the chicory, which gives it a bitter flavor (the more you know). 

When you search New Orleans Style coffee, your Google search immediately populates with Blue Bottle. Considering Blue Bottle is included in the SF Tour, I approve. 

I'm here to give you some pro tips on the hipster instructions Blue Bottle gives you.

Pro Tips

  • Brown sugar > White sugar (no, I'm not talking about sugar in the raw)
  • Horizon's Organic Milk (insert thumbs up emoji)
  • Please don't get non-fat or 1% milk...
  • You don't necessarily have to use Blue Bottle Coffee (WHAAAT?!) You can use a nice bold roasty coffee.
  • Make sure you haven't cooked something strong and garlicy in the pot that you use. No matter how hard you clean it, sometimes that flavor lingers. Think of chicken curry coffee. Gross, right?
  • Go to SBUX (or another coffee shop) and NICELY ask them to grind your beans for you (make sure you tip the person at the register if they do this for you).
  • DO NOT order pre-ground beans.
  • If you're too shy to ask SBUX to grind your beans - you can use a cheap grinder. I use the Bella Rocket Blender. Use the flat blade. This is an inexpensive blender that works like a fancy blender. I've made hummus and hazelnut milk with this.

Oh yeah- here's a vine...

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