Follow Up: How to Deal with Negative Restaurant Experiences

Follow Up: How to Deal with Negative Restaurant Experiences

After sending that impassioned letter to Zachary's- oh I mean Gregory's. I received an apologetic response indicating that I would receive a phone call in the next few days. This is a follow up to How to Deal with Negative Restaurant Experiences.

2 weeks go by. 

This is a fig/goat/cheese/arugula pizza I made. This post just needed a picture. 

I'm desperate for my favorite deep dish, so I make a call to the San Ramon location and order my pizza the same way (fill the sauce to the top of the pizza because sometimes they skimp you when you get no cheese). 

The Showdown

I walk up to the counter.
I see the price of my pizza includes an extra topping.
I put my fight face on. 

Cashier: Are you R-Radhika?
Me: (flabbergasted) Yes?
Cashier: I'm Luis- I'm the manger you emailed - I meant to call you but I got busy.
Me: Well I was waiting for your call. (still defensive)

We talked for a while about the negative experience at the Pleasant Hill Zachary's.

He also said that he would speak to that employee, who happened to be RIGHT next to him - how awkward. Luis also said that he would talk to the COO about our negative customer service experience. 

I explained that it wasn't about the $3, but rather the poor treatment. He gave us his contact information in case we had any other issues.

The Point
If you feel treated poorly or if you feel like you aren't getting the product you paid for, you should make it known to someone who has the authority to remedy the situation. Just food for thought.

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