10 Food Faux Pas

10 Food Faux Pas

Posts like these are some of my favorite to write. Unfortunately, they  have no actionable content.

Regardless, if you like sass and critique of those without common sense, these are some food practices I dislike. STOP the madness.

  1. Substituting Coconut Oil
    The only reason you should be substituting coconut oil is if the dish is sweet (i.e. pancakes) or requires a coconut-y flavor (i.e. Thai curry). If it does not fall under those categories STOP- just stop. I don't want my breakfast omelet to have a faint taste of coconut.
  2. Adding Ketchup to White Rice
    Please don't ask me who does this.
  3. Eating Naan without the Curry
    Please be patient, my hungry friend. This is not an Italian restaurant where you dip the bread in olive oil and vinegar.
  4. Eating the last of the ice cream and leaving it in the freezer
    There's a special place in the world for people like you.
  5. Boiling Rice for Indian/Asian Food
    Invest in a rice cooker. I promise: it will change your life. 
  6. Thawing frozen chicken by sticking it in hot water. 
    This is terrible and tastes awful.
  7. Freezing Meat (improperly)
    Most people don't know how to properly freeze meat. It usually turns out horribly freezer burnt.
    Educate yourself.
  8. Boba places serving day-old boba
    Gross. You have a classic TSF Yelp review coming to you. I usually ask how old the boba is. If you lie to me, I will refuse to pay for the beverage. 
  9. Mexican food without cilantro and lime.
    This should be a crime punishable by jail time. Who DOES this?
  10. Charging extra for soy milk
    Is it REALLY that much more expensive. I consider this a form of discrimination against the lactose-intolerant. Also, I really like my chai lattes with soy milk. Tall soy latte with no foam, no water - try it.
  11. Refrigerating chocolate.
    This one is from a friend. It causes that white layer to form and it's like - what's the point? 

There are so many more. I have to stop. I'm getting quite angry. Any other food Faux Pas? Comment below!

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