How to Pimp out your Poached Eggs

How to Pimp out your Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes and Sundried Tomatoes

Poached eggs. Admittedly, I'm obsessed. But poached eggs on bread are just bleh.

Alternative Titles for this Post:

  • Poached Eggs Bling
  • Poached Eggs Pizzazz (probably safer for Pinterest)

OH yeah- if you want to learn how to make poached eggs, click here! For your health, I recommend forgoing the hollandaise sauce.

Here are some really awesome things that you can put on top of your poached eggs.

  1. Sauteed mushrooms - make sure they're a hearty mushroom - none of that white button stuff
  2. Sundried Tomatoes- so tangy and delicious
  3. Roasted Tomatoes - are the bomb
  4. Chives- also make you look like you're a chef
  5. Gold old salt & pepper/ maybe a spritz of lemon

Things that could also go on poached eggs, but are not my fave.

  1. Steamed Kale - not my fave, but if you feel like you need to be super healthy/ want a potential choking hazard in your food
  2. Steamed Spinach - same problem as the steamed kale
  3. Caramelized onions- I KNOW - caramelized onions are delicious- I'm just not a fan of them with poached eggs- it makes everything really gooey

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