Pizza Rules

Pizza Rules


Nothing is worse than making a mushy, inedible homemade pizza. Use the tips below and you'll have a fantastic, flavorful, pizza. If not, there's always delivery.

What makes a good homemade pizza

Fresh, tasty cheese.
Fresh mozzarella and artisan Parmesan on your pizza will CHANGE your life.  

Veggies you would actually want to eat. 
If the veggies taste bad fresh, they're gonna taste bad baked on pizza. 

Flavorful crust. 
If you're too lazy to make a crust, buy one from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.

Pizza stone.
A good pizza stone bakes your pizza evenly and makes the crust perfectly crispy. It works wonders for store bought pizza crusts. Here's an inexpensive option. Here's the dream option.

Be a Pizza Artist (Artist pronounced Arteeeest)
Be creative. Don't be a basic pizza B.  I've compiled some epic pizza ideas below to get the creative juices flowing.

Classic Fig Goat Cheese Arugula

  • No sauce
  • Before baking: Top with figs, goat cheese, bacon bits
  • After baking: Arugula

Thai Style

  • The sauce is a light layer of sweet chili.
  • Before baking: Top with mushrooms and sliced fresh mozzarella.
  • After baking, top with chopped green onions, shredded carrots, sliced cucumber, and sliced tomatoes
  • Serve Sriracha and chili sauce on the side

 Indian Chicken Curry Pizza

  • Instead of pizza sauce, use curry sauce, it you don't know how to make curry- buy it!  
  • Use burrito or fresh mozzarella. 
  • Top with roasted bell peppers, tandoori/grilled chicken. green chilies! 
  • Bonus: Create a cucumber yogurt dipping sauce. 

 Mushu Chicken/Pork Pizza

  • Use hoisin sauce as a base.
  • Add sautéed chicken & bake. 
  • Add cabbage, julienned carrots, 

Pro Tips

  • Pay attention to what toppings you want to put on before/after baking. Warm cucumbers are gross.
  • Use fresh cheese. Don't use that shredded stuff.
  • Make sure to dry wet ingredients before putting them on your pizza, or else your pizza will get soggy. (i.e. Sliced tomatoes)

Let me know: do you have any other pizza tips? Any other creative options? Comment below.

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