5 Apps for Planning Cheap(er) Travel

5 Apps for Planning Cheap(er) Travel


When planning travel, I hate the process: cross referencing multiple airline sites, clearing my cookies, and switching to Google Incognito mode. I'm also kind of a last minute, spontaneous planner, so airline websites are not by best friend. If you're not a mileage/points person who is particular on what airlines you fly, these apps make things easier and much cheaper.


This app uses an algorithm to find you inexpensive flights that are also comfortable. In other words, you won't have to make 5 connections on your way to Italy. Usually tends to have higher fares than SkyScanner.  Make sure to always check the terms and conditions before purchasing a flight. 

Flight Over Queenstown, New Zealand


This app uses an algorithm to help you find the cheapest flights. Period.  Make sure your read the terms and conditions as they are not the same as the airline you are traveling on.

This app is great for when you want a cheap flight, and are not likely to make any changes to your itinerary. I like it more than HipMunk, but some times you will end up making 4 connections and only save $100 - is it worth it?

Southwest Airlines

I know this is dumb, but if you're traveling in the US it's good to check Southwest a few months ahead of time, and you may find yourself a cheap fare.  Southwest does not show up on any of these search engines / travel apps, so it is always worth a check. 

Flight Over Milford Sound


This will exacerbate your wanderlust. You put in your airport and it shows you prices to travel for cheap everywhere in the world. What's the catch? It gives you specific dates. This means that your cheap flight to Iceland is scheduled for the dead of winter. You can change these dates, but the prices will go up.

Google Flights

A lot of people don't know this exists, but it is amazing. Google the dates you want to travel & airport locations. 

"June 3 - 7 SFO to AUS"

It'll show you a range of flight prices with different airlines. It has saved my ass many a time.

Other Tips

  • Make sure you set up price alerts. The best days to buy flights are weekend evenings or Tuesdays.
  • Add in multiple close by airports for home airport. This might cause the fare to vary slightly. 
  • Clear your cookies & use in Incognito mode on Google Chrome. Just do it. 

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