That PNW Life: Hood River

That PNW Life: Hood River

What is the Hood River and why do you keep posting about it? Hood River is part of the PNW that Socality Barbie has popularized.

Here is a detailed itinerary for your Hood River experience.

Vista House
You can see a gorgeous view of the river from here.

Do you see the Vista House on the hill on the right?

Multnomah Falls
This is the classic waterfall with the bridge over it. The hike to the top is a deceivingly 1 mile. It's quite steep and I would recommend bringing water. 

The hike is worth it.

Derp - not as chill as Socality Barbie

Oneonta Gorge
Hiking through this gorge is epic and makes you feel like an adventurer. 

First, you weave over and under logs stacked across narrow cliffs.

Then you wade through water should be waist deep (but is neck deep on me).
Hide your kids, hide your cameras!

Raise your hands in the air if you don't have Apple Care.
Success! Finally, you can bask in the waterfall.

You must be beat, but you know I'd never leave you hungry and angry (equivalent of high and dry, but worse).

Everybody Brews Brewery

You'll likely be so tired that you won't care what food you eat. Fortunately, Everybody Brews has decent bar food - AND there's beer!

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