One Year

One Year

I just realized... It’s been a year since I started The Snobby Foodie, which is cause to celebrate. 

I’ve always been caught in a cycle of creating content and then removing it from existence. “Food Among Other Things” and “I’m Not Picky, Just Particular” are blogs will ever see the light of day. 


I felt like it wasn’t useful, needed, or that it lacked credibility. 

Well.. now I bought this domain name, so I’m stuck with it for at least another year. That’s commitment. :P

SF From Treasure Island -  SF Tour

SF From Treasure Island - SF Tour

Make Something. 

I started this blog because I felt unproductive and uncreative. Marathoning Netflix shows just wasn’t doing it for me and I wanted a hobby or a thing. 

Since I lose more accessories than I wear, I couldn’t be a fashionista.
My judgement on right angles is poor, so wood working was out of the picture.
I usually err on the side of “close enough”, so calligraphy had to be ruled out.

Some people are excellent at videography, others can do their nails really well, I write a food blog.

Make Something & I’ll Support You. 

I’m always fascinated by those who can create. So if you’re thinking of doing something or creating - you should do it because I’m sure other people feel the same way. 

A friend of mine is starting to design active wear. After she told me, I spend quite a bit of time pouring over her Pinterest- looking at her ideas and concepts. Creepy? A little bit. But I was fascinated. 

I guess what I’m saying is (in the least) you have one supporter (me). And there's always mom.

Make Something & I’ll Support You, But Most Importantly, Do Your Thang.

We shouldn’t be motivated by external things. If you constantly need validation for your ventures, you probably won’t do or create anything. 

I’m so humbled when someone says they read my blog. 

How I feel when someone says they read my blog. 

How I feel when someone says they read my blog. 

As for people not thinking your creation is “useful, needed, credibility”, who gives a shit?

Most of those restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares still fail. Chef Gordon Ramsay walks it off.

I think I’ll keep my little blog on this corner of the Internet, Gordon... at least until the domain expires ;). 

So I challenge you to not destroy what you create.

Leave up that Instagram photo that no one liked, the Vine you worked so hard on that no one re-Vined, and the blog post no one read ;). Walk/Shake it off. (Shake it Off!)

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