Best Coffee Shop Matcha Lattes

Best Coffee Shop Matcha Lattes

I've been on a matcha green tea kick in an effort to reduce my coffee intake, and I've sampled the finest Matcha tea lattes the world has to offer. Not really. I've sampled matcha lattes from coffee shops near you. These are options for when you need a matcha tea stat, and you don't want to make it yourself (my fave matcha). I'm not sure if this will ever be an actual situation - regardless, here is a review and commentary on corporate matcha tea lattes.

How to rate a coffee shop matcha latte:

  • Balance between milk and matcha flavor
  • Complexity of matcha flavor
  • If the matcha is plain matcha: I don't need matcha manufacturers to be pre-sweetening the matcha (clearly this is an annoyance for me)

Ultimately, any matcha tea you buy is going to pale in comparison to a good quality matcha tea you make (with love) at home. This is my favorite matcha powder to buy.

Would I go back? Yes
Peet's matcha powder is not sweetened. You can ask for pumps of syrup. The quality is consistent, and the matcha has a complex flavor. If you're feeling lazy, here are the best coffee shop matchas.

Whole Foods
Would I go back? Maybe
The first time I had their matcha tea, it was the bomb. My favorite. It's unsweetened, and you can choose to add simple syrup, and the flavor is complex. The second time I had the latte, it was a hot mess. I felt like I was chewing on freshly mowed lawn. The guy at the register told me that he had never seen anyone order that drink. Gah.

Would I go back? No
Did you know that Starbucks uses vanilla soy milk instead of regular soy? So when you order a matcha latte, you get sweetened powder + sweetened soy milk, and it makes for a terribly sweet combination. You can barely taste the matcha. Even without the sweetened soy milk, when you drink the latte, you can taste and feel the crunch of sugar from the powder.

What's your favorite coffee shop matcha latte? Let me know!

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