Calistoga Wine Tour

Wine is about what you like, and wine tasting is about being outside and chillin'.  Napa Valley is great, but when you want to go to quieter chiller vineyards, you need to hit up these Calistoga vineyards. 

Remember the guy from Dutch Henry? He recommended these- and these recommendations were on point. The lesson here is: when you find a tasting room you like, ask the winemakers for suggestions around the area.

Brunch @ R & D Kitchen -- great, filling food
Storybook Mountain Winery -- lovely tour; you can have  picnic lunch here
T Vine -- good place to end your day

Brunch at R & D Kitchen

It's important to get an epic breakfast before wine tasting (and perhaps also a cocktail). The Carintas Sandiwch, Bloody Mary, and Ahi Tuna Tartare are musts. I walked out so full and satisfied that I wasn't sure how I was going to fit wine in my belly.

 Vegetarian Sandwich

Vegetarian Sandwich

Shrimp Louie Salad has excellent dressing

 The Carnitas Sandwich is a definite winner.

The Carnitas Sandwich is a definite winner.

Storybook Mountain Vineyard

A nerdy name, but a really cute story. Everything about this vineyard is detailed from the logo on their gate to the carvings on their wine barrels.

Luckily they have a walking tour, so you can work off that brunch. Feel free to ask your "dumb" wine questions, you won't be judged here.

The people working here are super sweet and their property is beautiful. You can see the wine caves, the grapes, and the 80 year old owner who does a lot of the work. Apparently they have a massive party with a roast during harvest that sounds epic.

Why go? You can picnic here! So bring some food and picnic among the California redwoods.

 Yup - it was really that green.

Yup - it was really that green.

T Vine

T Vine is a perfect place to end your tour. They have great SHADED outdoor seating.  If you like red wine, this place specializes in it, so get excited.

Why go? This is the perfect place to end your tasting. It's very chill.


If you have time, you should totally stuff your face with sweets at Bouchon bakery.

For additional wine shenanigans:

What are your favorite tasting rooms? Comment below!

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