Napa Itinerary: Chill AF Wineries

Wine snobs are the at the top of the totem pole of snobbery. Wine tasting is about the wine AND the experience. Why go somewhere where you're scrutinized for your wine-ducation and treated poorly?

I'm an huge fan of Dutch Henry and Lava Vines, which are Calistoga wineries that have the chillest attitude and great wine. 

Total Cost: $35

Looking out at the vineyard at Dutch Henry

Dutch Henry ($25)
Upon driving on to Dutch Henry's winery, I noticed a gaggle of naked children galloping and playing in the rain. Where am I? Did I wander into someone's home? Am I in the wrong place? Anxiety. No, the owners are just "free Californians". This place is SO CHILL.

No Snobbery
No one here is going to be upset if you don't know the difference between a Syrah and Petite Syrah. 

You can't picnic at just any winery. $25 for a tasting AND I get to sit outside and eat my lunch? SOLD. There's something amazing about packing a picnic lunch and tasting wine. It's also a low cost alternative to Yountville pricey restaurants. I'll be updating these photos when I'm back there on a sunny day. 

BOMB Recommendations
Every place they recommended ends up being awesome. I don't have as good luck with my foodie friends. Time to find new friends. (Only kidding!)

Why go? To picnic & wine taste. There is something truly magical about this experience.
Would I come back? Yes- girl- can't wait til the Spring!

 Chill in the wine cave at Dutch Henry.

Chill in the wine cave at Dutch Henry.


You can have a picnic on a nice day.

Lava Vines ($10)

This is the perfect place to end your wine tasting. It's a winery that has a brewery vibe. You'll be sitting there with a slight buzz and all of a sudden a guy pops out from behind the counter and starts playing the banjo.

Chill AF
You're sitting there, sipping on your wine, and one of the guys stops pouring and starts playing the banjo. Banjo + Wine = Epic.

The people that come here are so cool. Since this place is off the beaten path, it has a local and quaint feel to it.

Why go? You're tired and you just want to sit down, have some wine, and hear some guy playing  familiar songs.
Would I come back? YES, it's the best winery to close out any Napa adventure.

What are some of your favorite chill wineries? What is the snobbiest wine tasting experience you've had. Tell me in the comments below. 

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