How SF Turned me into a Hipster

How SF Turned me into a Hipster

It starts with an act as innocent as buying coffee from a local shop, and all of a sudden, you find yourself biking home from the Farmers' Market with kale popping out of your CamelBak. 

Disclaimer: what you read below may cause you to cringe.  

All little things that cause a butterfly effect transforming me into a full blown SF hipster. 

I renounced Starbucks for Peet's coffee, even though the caffeine content throws me over the edge. 

Then I exclusively bought coffee from hipster coffee shops. I am a legit coffee snob

I started a blog. I'm a blogger. Oh. My. Goodness.

I bought hipster booties, which were for my Socality Barbie Halloween costume, but still. I think I just proved my point. 

I now regularly wear the clothing I bought to be Socality Barbie. What started a joke suddenly became realll!!! 

My bike has super skinny tires. 

I started buying Strauss Family milk because of the glass bottles and their happy cow rating. 

I somehow acquired a succulent. It ended up dying because I didn't know how much or how little to water it.

I go to Farmers Markets at least twice a month, and I always bike to it.

I started working walking distance to a Whole Foods and it became an occupational hazard.

I actually brought my bike into Whole Foods once because I just needed to grab some Strauss Family milk. I didn't take off my helmet. 

I genuinely want to learn how to do latte art.  

I bike to work - primarily to avoid traffic, but still.

I own a tiny hipster camera.  I developed a use case for this!

I've tried to make a use case for purchasing big hipster glasses. Better peripheral vision? No. Darn it.

I am interested in learning calligraphy. 

I bought some pastel jeans I can't pull off.  

I wrote a Farmer's Market Dictionary because I am all too familiar with the jargon. 

I no longer expect hipster servers / baristas  to provide any kind of customer service. 

Ah well, I guess it's not all bad. At least I'm eating better and getting some exercise. My fashion sense is probably better too. Maybe.

Have you experienced the same? Hipsters come in many different flavors. Have you turned into a SF or ATX or Boulder, CO hipster? Let me know in the comments below.

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