Thoughts on Sushi Burritos/Poke Bowls & Where to Get Them

Thoughts on Sushi Burritos/Poke Bowls & Where to Get Them

If you've never heard of this fad, you're either super excited or slightly confused. Basically a sushi burrito is a seaweed rice wrap with fish & veggies rolled into it. So basically a giant sushi roll. No, tortillas aren't involved. That would be totally gross.

The Good
It's cute, tasty alternative to Chipotle.
The first time I had it, it was EPIC. I had missed a flight, was in a bad mood, I ate the whole thing, my hands were covered in aioli. It was great.
When done right, it can be super flavorful and refreshing.

The Not So Good.
It costs 50% more than a Chipotle.
Some places tend to give you less fish and more fillers, like rice, aioli, or lettuce. Watch out!

its neither here nor there. It's not a burrito and it's not sushi.
If I'm faced with the choice of a specialty sushi roll or a poke bowl / sushi burrito, I would definitely pick the sushi roll.

Why get it?
It's a good lunch option if you have one of these places close by, it makes for a quick, tasty meal. 

Is it worth it?
It's worth trying, but not worth going out of your way to get.

Where to Get Them

Sushirito (San Francisco, CA & Palo Alto, CA)
Order the Geisha's Kiss

Sumo Roll (Berkeley, CA)
Order the Hawaiian with less aoli

Poki Bowl (San Jose, CA)
Order a large brown rice bowl with spicy tuna, shrimp, yellowtail, and salmon with spicy sauce, and ALL the toppings.

Simply Bowl (Berkeley, CA)
Order the Spicy Ahi Poke bowl.

What are some other poke bowl/ suhi burrito places that you recommend? Let me know!

Poke pairs fantastically with boba- 

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