Chocolatesgiving: What chocolate should I buy?

Chocolatesgiving: What chocolate should I buy?

Chocolate serves many purposes: it can be eaten to ward off cravings of more decadent desserts, can be given as a gift, or can be paired with foods. Out of the terrible food faux pas that can happen in life, choosing a bad bar of chocolate is at the top of the list. I've made a post on Winesgiving to save you from wine embarrassment, now it's time for a chocolatesgiving... just in time for the Valentine's.

Here are some chocolates you can find at Whole Foods & what they're good for. Also, I've included links to the chocolate on Amazon so you know what they look like - also Amazon is a great spot to buy chocolate if you want a 40 pack. In retrospect, I would have saved a lot of money just buying my favorite chocolate in bulk. Also, I would have gained quite a bit of weight. So... happy chocolate hunting.

For regular old chocolate eaters:

If you like chocolate with other things in it.  Here are some brands to try:

  • FAVE: Ritter Sport: there ain't nothing wrong with a Ritter Sport with Corn Flakes. I don't judge.
  • 365 Organic Dark Chocolate with (insert flavor): This can be a bit chalky because of the other ingredients, but the flavor is bomb.
  • TCHO: TCHO quality, but with added things. Get the Hazelnut Chunk. The salted ones are a bit too salty for me.
  • Chuao: It was pretty good. Crunchy, on the sweeter side, fun. Get the Strawberry Waffle Wild.
  • Chocolove XOXO: The chocolate is smooth & they have some unique flavors.

If you're a baller and want to enjoy some chocolate with scotch:
Preface... these are all excellent bars of chocolate.

I know what you're thinking: I've eaten a lot of chocolate or I'm a liar. The former is true... sadly. What are your favorite Whole Foods chocolates? Let me know!

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