Personality Quiz: Are you a lemon tart or chocolate torte?

Personality Quiz: Are you a lemon tart or chocolate torte?

Which do you prefer chocolate torte or lemon tart? What you pick says a lot about your personality. I bring to you a personality assesssment that as renowned as the Chipotle rating system... lol. But I’m serious- which one do you like chocolate torte or lemon tart?

Lemon Tart  

A lemon tart tends of be very diplomatic and cognizant of people’s feelings. They abide by social norms and their appearance is always put together. Sometimes, they can be passive aggressive. They execute self control and can meter how much of the lemon tart they eat. They’ll have lemon tart leftovers for sure. Characteristics of a lemon tart:

  • Throw a lovely dinner party with attention to detail
  •  Hold what’s bothering them on the inside 
  • Plan so that their visiting guest is super comfortable and know of all the amenities available  
  • Seem to always look put together- always on fleek
  • Are loyal to their friends, but tries to get them to see the other side of the story, which sometimes angers the friend  
  • Alter how they act with respect to the situation  
  • Is cognizant of their mental state and won’t attend an event if they’re not in the right headspace
  • Their heart is in the right place  

Other Lemon Tarts: Cinderella, Blair Waldorf, Taylor Swift, the Pillsbury Dough Boy

Chocolate Torte

A chocolate torte is all about indulgence and intensity. When they’re happy, they’re REALLY happy and when they’re hangry, they’re aggressive. They say what they feel and sometime have no filter. They may “try” to save the chocolate torte for later, but will likely eat the whole thing in one sitting. No leftovers for this one. Characteristics of a chocolate torte:

  • Tell their guests, “my home is your home, grab whatever you want” instead of carefully setting it out for them
  •  Cause a freakin scene if they feel hurt, but feel a lot better afterwards
  • Knows that there’s another side to the story, but almost always takes their friend’s side #rideordie
  • Either dress to the 9s or dress like super practical slobs, depending on the occasion  
  • Can have an all-or-nothing attitude 
  • Strive to authentically be themselves- sometimes at the expense of social norms
  • Will show up to an event even though they’re crazy exhausted just because they say they would  
  • Their heart is in the right place  

 Other Chocolate Tortes: The Little Mermaid, Serena Vanderwoodsen, Cardi B, Tony the Tiger

This is the only personality test you need. Produced in house, brought to you by The Snobby Foodie. You now have the tools you need to live your life. You’re welcome. I’m hungry now. 

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