ATX Tour: The Old Goodies

ATX Tour: The Old Goodies

Preface: These post used to be called "off the beaten path". Since first posted, these places have become increasingly mainstream. In fact, I've been told that these places aren't "cool" any more. Regardless, I've quality-checked these venues, and determined that they're still BOMB.

Whenever I think of Austin, TX, I imagine loud, twangy strumming, think about the warm (sometimes excruciatingly hot) sun, and the confidence that I will have tacos soon.

Short Version



10:00 AM

Houndstooth Coffee on Lamar

10:30 AM

Breakfast at Vegan Nom on North Loop.

12:00 PM

Walk around North Loop thrift shops.

1:30 PM

Lunch at Go Go Gourmet

3:00 PM

Graffiti Park

5:00 PM

Mt. Bonnel for Sunset

6:00 PM

Dinner at Hopdoddy's on South Congress

11:00 PM

Beer at Banger's

12:30 AM

Sangria at Icenhauer's

2:00 AM-ish

Kim Cheese Fries at Chilantro's.


Long Version


If you like good quality coffee (no- I'm not talking about frappes), go to Houndstooth. This place is the snobbiest (and one of the best) coffee shops you will find in Austin. Don't forget the chocolate chip scone.

Vegan Nom

You have not lived until you've had these tacos.

I KNOW Taco Deli was right next door to Houndstooth, but trust me- these tacos are worth it. After your food, wander around the various thrift shops on North Loop.

Go Go Gourmet

Go Go Gourmet is one of my favorite little mom and pop lunch spots. All their food is fresh and the service here is excellent. You'll always find something new here.

Graffiti Park at Castle Hills

Go to the Hope Outdoor Gallery. Find a piece of graffiti that you identify with. Take a picture, because it probably won't be there next time.

Mt. Bonnell

This is not so much off the beaten path, but you have to do it (to give you that warm, fuzzy Austin-y feeling).



OK. This place may not be "cool" any more, but this is still one of the bombest burgers I've had.

Go home and rest. You have a long night ahead of you.


I don't care if you're not a beer person. With over 100 beers on tap, you're bound to find something you like. If not, have a banger- they're famous for them.


Sorry, you'll be mixing different types of alcohol tonight. Icenhauer's has my favorite Sangria in all of Austin. It's not super sweet and it tastes almost carbonated.

Watch your step. Rainey St. is not paved well. Stumble over to....

Chi'Lantro BBQ

Chi'lantro BBQ  #regrets

Be careful. Not many have seen Chi'Lantro fries in such a well-lit environment. Only consume these at night.

Do you hear it now? The twanging I was talking about? Nostalgia. You have to eat Chi'Lantro. These fries will combat the hangover you are soon to have. Trust me.

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