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Best Boba Pearls

BestThe Snobby FoodieLists, Boba
Best Boba Pearls

If you've been reading this blog at all, you know that I am extremely particular about my boba.

After a lot of bad boba, peppering boba scientists with questions, and trial and error, here is a review of top boba brands.

What makes good boba pearls:
Chewiness: Chewy, but not mushy
Ability to soak in flavors: the boba is like tofu in the way it soaks in flavors like brown sugar, honey, simple syrup, etc.
Consistency: Sometimes store bought packages of boba lack consistency.

Wufuyuan - Tapioca Pearl
(+) Perfect level of chewiness
(+) Pretty good at holding the flavor of honey
(-) Random chemicals in the ingredients

Black Bubble Tapioca Pearl
(-) If you cook these per the package instructions, the boba will taste gross.
(-) A medley of chemicals and artificial flavors
(-) Inconsistent quality

Rainbow Tapioca Pearls Boba Bubble Tea
(+) Look at all the pretty colors
(-) You can't really tell when they go bad.
(-) The ingredients are mostly chemicals

BOLLE - Boba Bubble Tea
(+) Ingredients are simple
(+) Great at soaking in flavor
(-) Smaller than normal boba balls
(-) Tend to stick to pot, so you have to stir them

The Winner: BOLLE
I like that it has easy to understand ingredients. I don't need to be eating preservatives and rando chemicals. The flavor is great- it has a slight sweetness, and it tastes excellent with brown sugar, honey, and simple syrup.

Oh and- if I have to suffer through bad boba, you bet the links above are affiliate links. Do you have other favorite boba pearl brands? Let me know below!

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