Best Coffee in Houston

Best Coffee in Houston

You know what I like on a hot Houston summer day? An equally hot cappuccino. The hipsters have made their way to HTX and there are some excellent spots to try out.

Sweet Drinks: Boomtown Coffee
If you live in The Heights and like sweeter coffee drinks, Boomtown is your place. Their menu is huge, so you'll probably be that person in line that can't make their decision before they get to the front.


Social Hour: Blacksmith
The coffee here is on point. You don't go to this coffee shop to work. You go to socialize. This place is always bumbling with people.


A barista that knows what he's doing: Campesino
Get the Café de Olla. It's bomb. A friend told me to get it & I skeptically did it. It was the most magical spiced coffee experience I have ever had. It tasted like the holidays in a cup. It's set up in a house and unlike many hipster places, it actually has character. The barista doesn't a fancy weighing scale to make an amazing cappuccino.

My Fave: Morning Star
This place is hard AF to find, but it's so worth it when you do. If you see a Sherwin Williams, you're in the right place. Who would think strip mall coffee is so good. This place also makes their own donuts.

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