No more bad coffees in LA: Best Coffee Shops in West LA

No more bad coffees in LA: Best Coffee Shops in West LA

Every time I’m in LA, I gotta get my coffee fix before 6 hours of class. There are SO many little coffee shops in LA it’s kind of hard to pick favorites. I like the coffee shops below because they have something unique about them. They’re not just the run-of-the-mill Scandanavian decor, well-dressed-barista kind of shops. Here are West LA’s best coffee shops.

Verve Coffee and homework

Verve Coffee and homework

Smith & Tait

Smith & Tait

Verve Coffee - West Hollywood

Why go here? The Beans & I’ve never had a bad drink here.

Verve is a roaster headquartered in Santa Cruz, but they have a couple shops in LA. The ambiance and his coffee shop is bomb and they have delicious snacks! 

Balconi Coffee - Sawtelle

Why go here? The Coffee Snobbery  

If your a huge coffee snob and you want a proper coffee experience, go here. The baristas will not hesitate to tell you which coffees you CAN or CANNOT put milk in. The ambiance is cozy and homey.  Only problem is that they open kind of late.

Smith & Tait - West Hollywood

Why go here? Super cute neighborhood coffee shop. Dog friendly!

Alfred’s Coffee - West Hollywood 

Why go here? The burritos are yum. So if you need breakfast, go here.

Bar Nine - Culver City

Why go here? Great coffee, good people, and dogs. They have some snacks too. 

Good Boy Bob Coffee - Santa Monica 

Why go here? Large open space, friendly barista, great mochas  

Lo Cal Coffee & Market  

Why go here? Super cute decor and good coffee! I wouldn’t recommend the pastries though. 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Good People Coffee - Santa Monica

  • Aharone - Beverly Hills

  • 310 Coffee Company - Mar Vista

  • Demitasse - Santa Monica

  • Intelligensia - Venice Beach

  • Stumptown - DTLA

  • Blue Bottle - Culver City

Other options-if you’re in a pinch

  • Cogniscenti

  • Commissary

Aharone Coffee

Aharone Coffee

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