Best San Diego Coffee

Best San Diego Coffee

You may think this is an Eater listical. It's not. This list is an unbiased review of San Diego's best coffee shops.  

Best Venue: Communal Coffee

This place has the most beautiful venue because it shares the space with a flower shop. The coffee shop serves Sightglass, which I'm a fan of, and it's a great place to sit down, have a chat, or do some work.


Copa Vida

This place would not be my first choice for a coffee shop, but it is centrally located. If you're at Petco Park and NEED a cappuccino, this is not a bad choice. Copa Vida has multiple locations throughout San Diego.


Great Coffee - below are some places where the coffee stood out. This means: the coffee was good, the place had character, and the baristas were experienced.

Hawthorne Coffee

The venue is understated, has some cute tile pixel art on the walls, but the baristas know their stuff.


Moniker General

The coffee shop has a light and airy atmosphere, the latte art is on point, and the baristas are experienced. I loved walking around and looking at the handmade items. These photos definitely don't do this place justice. Outside is a lovely little courtyard you can sit in and enjoy the weather.


Best Overall: James Coffee Co.

Ok. Don't let the generic name fool you. This place is SO bomb. It's located in this cute little indoor marketplace where local vendors sell artisan goods. Not going to lie... I bought some facial toner spray lol.


Do you have any favorite coffee shops in San Diego? Tag me if you go to any of these spots - I'd love to hear how you liked them.

Unrelated...but excellent.

Joshua Tree Coffee Company

Alright, so this isn't exactly San Diego, but I was SURPRISED at how good the coffee at this place was. After visiting San Diego, I trekked it out to the Joshua Tree dessert for some night photography. This place is AMAZING for being in the middle of nowhere. Definitely, the best coffee in Joshua Tree, which isn't really saying anything. Let me put it this way: if this coffee shop existed in a neighborhood near me, I would definitley go.

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