Dear Man Who Nearly Ran Me Over

Dear Man Who Nearly Ran Me Over

This is a biking PSA.


Dear Man Who Nearly Ran Me Over,

I hope this note finds you well.

You should look for bikes when you're at a pedestrian crosswalk. Actually- you should always look for bikes. I saw you blocking part of the crosswalk while that woman was crossing in front of you. This just showed howimpatient of a person you were. You were so impatient that you didn't even look both ways before you started driving again.

If you had looked both ways, you would have seen me already in the intersection.

So instead of mashing my brakes, I swerved to ride behind you so I could get back on the trail. Then you started rolling down your window and yelling at me, "You need to stop at the cross walk."

I stopped my bike, turned around, and said menacingly through my allergies, "You need to look both ways."

You shouted, " I couldn't see you! You need to stop!"

I barked, "It's kind of hard to see when you don't even look. "

I looked back at the intersection. You could definitely see me if he had bothered looking.

You started opening your door to get out of his car.

To do what?  Did you want to fight me?

I was so ready to fight. And by fight, I mean, get back on my bike and ride into the wind.

As you started to get out of your car to yell at me some more, I got back on my bike, shouted, "Bye - you need to look next time,", and rode merrily away.

Try chasing me on foot while I'm on my speedy speed racer. BAI.

I don't think you realize bikes are bigger than cars, even though you drive a massive truck. I was going to take part of the responsibility for this incident. I was going to take part of the blame for not stopping. I was...  until you decided you wanted to fight me.

Look both ways before driving through a pedestrian crosswalk. Don't fight people on bikes. You're an idiot.

Warm Regards,


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