Itinerary: SummerDay in Boulder, CO

Itinerary: SummerDay in Boulder, CO

Nothing is worse than bad recommendations. That's why you have The Snobby Foodie. I pepper the people at coffee shops and boutiques, harass people on the street, and judge their suggestions. After validating, I bring them to you. Here is the suggested to do Boulder list brought to you by the people at Patagonia and the AirBnB host.

I found the food in Boulder to be hearty - probably due to the sheer number of Olympians that reside here. Eating out in Boulder makes you think that you should have run a half marathon prior.

What you need to pack:

  • Hiking shoes or sneakers
  • Shorts
  • Small pack
  • Light jacket - it can get a bit chillier in the evenings
  • Polarized Sunglasses (I like when they have cool colored lenses)
  • Versatile hiking shirt (in case you eat after your hike)

Below are some of my favorite spots.

Coffee at Alpine Modern Café
This is the best café in town. They also have small bites, like avo-toast.

Hike the Flat irons
Intensity: Moderate
Next Day Soreness: High


Explore Pearl Street & check out the little boutiques

Lunch at Rayback Collective (food truck park) OR The Med

Go see Dushanbe Tea House
If you're hungry, I'd get a small appetizer or tea, but save your appetite.


Dinner at Pizzeria Locale
These pizzas make me drool thinking about them.

Cocktails at Upstairs
The bartenders here know what they're doing. If you don't know what you want, I recommend telling the bartender what type of brings you like and doing Bartender's Choice.


Cocktails at License No. 1 - They have swing on Saturday nights.



Beer at Avery Brewing Co. They have a great outdoor area and plenty of beer on tap.

Finding food that worth the calories.