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Bay Area's Best Indian Food

Growing tired of sub-par Indian restaurants, The Snobby Foodie searched long and hard to find the Bay Area's Best Biryani. Her search took her to places so sketchy that she was sometimes afraid to leave her car. One time, she was served an overpriced plate of biryani, and she had to send it back because it was mushy and gross.

Some of the Best Veggie Burgers & the Sh!t List: Sideboard Coffee Danville, CA

When I tried Hopdoddy's La Bandita black bean burger in Austin, I finally realized that I could consume (and enjoy) a veggie burger.

Ever since then, I have been trying different types of veggie burgers only to be mildly amused. One burger that came close to La Bandita is Sideboard's Veggie Burger in Danville, CA.

I liked it so much that I even requested nutrition facts- hoping that I could reverse engineer the burger. The waitress said that they had no nutrition facts and that the burger had healthy stuff like protein, and oats, but the bread was caloric. Disappointed, I am continuing to play with recipes to recreate this marvel, although I am sure it is made with 50% butter. (More on this at a later date).

The Best Bay Area Chicken Biryani

Biryani is an art, but really it's a rice dish made with meat, spices, and vegetables. This dish takes a lot of skill to make. It's like the Indian version of Spanish paella. (ish). Every South Asian kid will claim that their mom's biryani is the best Unfortunately, when you go off to college, there ain't no momma's biryani. This list is for those poor South Asian kids.