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Trip Itinerary: New Zealand in 9 Days

They told us we were crazy but...

Naysayers- you can do North AND South Island of New Zealand in 9 days/ 8 nights. All it takes is a little bit of ambition and at least 2 cappuccinos a day. 

This post was inspired by something I read a while ago about being able to do a trip to Taipei in one weekend.

How it's going to work.
Today, I'll give you a board overview of the trip. Every week, I'll give a more in depth account of each day. This is hard for me- considering my tendency (and sheer delight) in spilling the beans. This is also because of the sheer amount of time it takes to organize content from a trip.

Day 1: Flight / Aukland

The Long Story.

Thursday, March 5

3:00 PM Call Uber.
Uber arrives late and I realize I'm going to be paying my way to the airport rather than just to the Bart station.
Uber driver asks me how many kids I have and tells me he dresses like a gang banger. I'm pissed and send Uber a well-worded email.