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Quick & Easy Gluten Free Pizza

Ooh, girl, it's something gluten-free that doesn't taste like poo. If you've tried gluten free pastries, they taste yucky. 

Let's be honest: when a package has "gluten-free" written on it, it makes me want to walk in the other direction. When I finally find a gluten-free product that isn't super high in sodium & sugar, I'm ecstatic. My Celiac friends can enjoy the pleasure of gooey, bready food!

Venice Bakery's Seasoned pizza crust is has a buttery deliciousness to it - even though it's vegan. They sell it at Sprouts Farmer's Market.

Crab Ceviche Tacos: From Sea to Table

Live crabs freak me out a little bit. The thought of capturing crabs, gutting them, and getting their meat was slightly nauseating to me... until I realized I could make delicious ceviche tacos!

So technically, ceviche is seafood cured with citrus, like lemon juice. The crabs we will be preparing are boiled, but the end result will still have the tangy taste of ceviche. 

Vegan Thai Papaya Salad (Som Tam)

I love tangy/sweet taste of Thai Papaya salad. It's so refreshing and summer-y. And it's healthy (minus the brown sugar).


  • It costs $9 at Thai restaurants
  • Most restaurants use fish sauce and dried shrimp, which gives it a fishy flavor
  • Restaurants serve small portions of it

Well - good news. It's VERY easy to make and it's inexpensive. AND 1 papaya makes a shitton of salad, so you can eat to your heart's content.

Epic Eggplant Parmesan

Don't tell me the seedy title scare you. This eggplant parm is amazing - and a good sauce makes it so much better.

Ways you can make this super healthy: don't make the angel hair pasta, don't add mozzarella, don't bread your eggplant, and go light on the Parmesan.