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A Book for Wine Newbies: Wine Folly

Who is Wine Folly for?

If you want to have an easy to understand intro to wine
If you want to learn how to speak wine
If you want to have this laying around your house so you can look like a fancy pants
To give to a friend that perpetually brings Barefoot to your home
For those friends who ask which wine is good. It's like those people who ask how long to microwave something for. (Only joking, I love being asked that question- it makes me feel important.)

Napa Itinerary: Envy, Tudal & Bistro Jeanty

When you go to Napa, it's overwhelming.

There are so many vineyards that are priced differently AND have different wines AND have different ambiances AND are different distances apart.

Needless to say, it's hard to put together an itinerary. This itinerary is a suggestion for what can be done in a day in magical, snobby Napa Valley.

Napa Itinerary: Paraduxx & Round Pond

This is the first of many Napa Valley wine tours. So here's a little bit of an intro to the wine tasting experience.

Wine tasting is subjective and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. You like what you like. And some people can't tell the difference between red wine and vinegar.

Also keep in mind that vineyards generally don't serve their best wines in tastings.

All this being said, wine snobs are the snobbiest of the snobs. And sometimes they'll make you feel dumb for not knowing what you like. So come in with a preference. Here are some go-to lines you can use:

A Day in Sonoma

What is Sonoma?
Sonoma is part of California's wine country. It's right next to Napa (a more familiar name). The tastings in Sonoma are generally less expensive because it's not as well known. 

In Napa, you can't get by without spending at least $20/person. In Sonoma, you can get away with free wine tastings (Whaat!?).

Wine country is not all about wine (Whaat!?) - it's actually quite beautiful. Here's a day in Sonoma County.