CDMX To Do List

CDMX To Do List

Anthony Bourdain's books (Kitchen Confidential / Medium Raw) have got me thinking... a lot. In a world of Cheesecake Factories and "hipster" Cheesecake factories, there's a lot of in-authenticity in the food scene. When I visited Mexico City, I had grand plans of eating at Mexico City's finest: the types of restaurant that you can reserve on Open Table. The type of restaurants that Instagrammers post about... the type of restaurants bloggers eat at for free. 

After eating some of the worst salsa of my life at a high end eatery on day 2, I realized I was missing the point of the city entirely. These high end restaurants were so contrived - they had checked all the boxes on their hipster ambiance check list, but the food was uninspiring. It doesn't matter that these places had high Yelp ratings (but you already know how I feel about Yelp). So, I took to the streets. Here are some spots worth visiting in Mexico City.

Go to a Mercado (ANY mercado) and get Tostadas


Avellaneda Coffee Shop

This. Coffee. (From Oaxaca). Was FREAKIN' Legit- like the best coffee I had in Mexico City. Also, I enjoyed their squirrel branding as they are my spirit animals.


Distrito Fijo Club de Ciclismo - Coffee

Super cute and trendy coffee shop with ample seating. This is a great place to just chill and recoupe.


Outdoor Markets

Yo- if you want to turn your home into a West Elm for cheaps, check out the outdoor markets.

Pro Tip: Pack the glass items you purchase carefully in soft clothing, so they don’t break on the journey home. Also, be on the lookout for cheap Kendra Scott-like earrings. Here are some of the good markets to visit:

  • Mercado de Artesanias La Ciudadela

  • Lagunilla Flea Market - this one tends to be a little crowded, but if you have the stamina, this one is HUGE

  • Mercado de Jamaica - not going to turn your shack into Restoration Hardware, but this is a GORGEOUS flower market


Tacos Las Paradas

These tacos are so legit. This place is such an efficient factory line - it blows my mind. When our Uber pulled up, men in hats ecstatically walked out and escorted us t o our table- it’s an EXPERIENCE. Just go.


Thing that are a little overrated:

  • Dining at Pujol

  • Churros el Morro

  • Going to fancy restaurants

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