What's "Cool" in ATX

So - I realize I have to post this before these places become "uncool". You'll understand in a bit. Keep reading.

 Fleet Coffee

Fleet Coffee

I used to live in Austin, TX, and being a huge foodie, I knew where all the good spots were. Upon revisiting the city, I realized that I sounded like one of those old people that talk about the clubs that since have been shut down.

Me: I miss Hopdoddy's
Friend: Uh- no one goes to Hopdoddy's any more. There are way more locations now. Not cool any more.
Me: I'd love to go to Banger's for a sausage & a beer.
Friend: Ew- Rainey Street? You want to get stabbed with a martini glass?
Me: What?

Now I'm one of those people saying, "Back in my day…"

After visiting Fleet Coffee (a legit hip new Austin coffee shop) I got a bit of a reality check.

As I was talking about all the places that I used to go, the barista (Patrick) looked up and said, "Yeah - those places were cool like 3 years ago."

Flabbergasted and skeptical, I asked him to list off what is "cool".  It happens that one of the editors at Eater Austin is sitting a few tables down.

 El Alma

El Alma

All of a sudden, they started bouncing venues off each other. I had to immediately pop open my Evernote and jot it all down.

How do I know these places are legit?

It's because the coffee at Fleet is one of the legit-est coffee shops I've been to. I'm not even sure if "legit" is a cool word to say any more. Anyways, it was so legit that I had a latte from this place every day I was in Austin (sometimes multiple times a day).

Also I've sampled a lot of this list over the course of one weekend in Austin.  This is food so good that I day dream about it.

 Odd Duck

Odd Duck

Anyways, these are some bomb places that you can impress your "cool", "hip" friends with.
*Not recommendations from barista, but are still some of my fave places. I quality-checked them, so don't worry ;).




  • Firehouse Hostel --> EPIC bookshelf entrance!!!!!
  • Roosevelt -->  Places that use the umami flavor of shitake mushrooms in their drinks. BOMB.
  • Townsend --> Go here if you like a show made out of your cocktails. Get a seat at the bar.
  • Small Victory --> This place is effing hard to find, but cocktails are bomb.
  • Yellow Jacket Social Club
  • Whistler's for the mezcaleria upstairs --> Just go to the mescaleria. Don't pass go- do not collect a mixed drink. Mescaleria all the way.
 Houndstooth Coffee

Houndstooth Coffee


  • Fleet --> YAS girl. Best coffee shop ever. Obsessive write up to come.
  • Patika --> Used to be a trailer, and is now a legit venue. Back in the day- I would go searching for a trailer that wasn't even there.
  • Figure 8 --> Very Instagrammable with their succulents
  • Houndstooth*
  • Vintage Heart*
 Fleet Coffee

Fleet Coffee


  • Paper Boy --> Food truck brunch
  • Café No Se
  • Licha's Cantina* -->  The Bloody Mary and red salsa is legit.
  • El Alma* --> Just get the Veggie Enchiladas.



  • Quality Seafood --> The barista says it sounds gross, but just do it.
 Ramen Tatsuya

Ramen Tatsuya


  • Easy Tiger Beer Garden --> Get beer downstairs & a croissant upstairs
  • Abvg Beer Garden
  • Jester King --> Lovely to beer taste outside on a summer evening
 Jester King

Jester King


  • Pieous Pizza --> Holy shit- get the pastrami- even if you don't like pastrami. Drooling thinking about it. The barista described it as "er meh gerd". Pretty legit.
  • Bufalina
  • Via 313 --> Dreamy good pizza.
 Vegan Nom

Vegan Nom

Lunch / Dinner

  • Vegan Nom* --> These are some of the best tacos you will eat.
  • Contigo Austin
  • Chicon
  • Mi Madre --> Classic oh so good Mexican
  • Ramen Tatsuya --> Are you a Ramen Tatsuya or a Michi Ramen? That's the real question.
  • Michi Ramen
  • Odd Duck --> Definitely get a cockatil with your meal.
  • Olamaie
  • Sway Thai*

Ice Cream --> Lick (their flavors are SO bomb.)

Yeah. I did a lot of eating. But I did it for you - I promise! Anyways- enjoy! Let me know what you think! Give me recommendations for my next trip! Now I'm super duper hungry.

 Odd Duck

Odd Duck

Finding food that worth the calories.