Day 1: Flight / Aukland

Day 1: Flight / Aukland

Day One of New Zealand in a Little Over a Week. On day 1, I landed quite early, so I was able to take advantage of the day. The day comprised of exploring the city, binging on coffee, and pretending I didn't have jetlag. Do you know the best cure for jetlag? It's sleep, but I couldn't do that because I had wayyy to much adrenaline. 

The Short Story.



11:00 AM

Brunch at Revel Café

1:00 PM

Coffee at Remedy Café

2:00 PM

Walk around downtown.

3:00 PM

Volvo Ocean Races

5:00 PM

Snack and Wine at Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

8:00 PM

Dinner at Monsoon Poon

The Long Story.

3:00 PM Call Uber.
Uber arrives late and I realize I'm going to be paying my way to the airport rather than just to the Bart station.
Uber driver asks me how many kids I have and tells me he dresses like a gang banger. I'm pissed and send Uber a well-worded email.

7:00 PM LAMILL coffee at LAX. Why do international airports have to always be so humid?

8:00 PM I beg Air New Zealand to take me on an earlier flight. They say no. (very kindly)

9:30 PM I board my new home for the next 12+ hrs and proceed to indulge in movies. Wait. I thought I had booked an aisle seat. Let me say - Air New Zealand meals are quite tasty.
Oh also, they give you wine on the flight.  I was able to sleep through the vicious in my middle seat. 
I wake up and try to watch 2nd Hobbit, but fall asleep.

Lesson Learned.
Drinking a small amount on airplanes is amazing. Don't go on a plan hungover. That is bad.
Take the Airbus to the city, not a cab. 
Flight change fee for New Zealand is $200.

Day 1

8:00 AM I land and take the Airbus for $16 to the Langham Hotel
11:00 AM I'm hangry. I get brunch and coffee at Revel Cafe. The Texan in me takes over my entire body and forces me to order Huevos Rancheros - and not Eggs Benedict. Why.
I quickly realize that New Zealanders don't drink iced coffee. 
Revel Cafe Guy: Coffee with ice cream?
Me: No - an iced latte.
Revel Cafe Guy: I promise it will be great. If you don't like it, I'll drink it.
Me: (hesitates) Ok.
Well, it was tasty, but not what I wanted. And no, I did not send it back. I try not to be that American asshole when I'm abroad. 
I enviously and shamelessly stare at the guy next to me who ordered the Eggs Benedict.

Lessons Learned.
Don't order iced coffee.
Resist the urge to send food back. You don't want people stereotyping Americans.
Always order Eggs Benedict or any poached eggs dish.

1:00 PM I need REAL coffee. I pass up 2 boba shops and finally arrive at Remedy Cafe.
Me: Can I get an iced latte?
Remedy Cafe Woman: A coffee with ice? Or...?
Me: Never mind. Just a cappuccino.
Remedy Cafe Woman: Would you like chocolate on your cappuccino?
 Would I like chocolate on my cappuccino? Hell yeah.


Lessons Learned.
Always get cocoa powder on your cappuccino. 

2:00 PM I walk around Aukland. Explore the tiny souvenir shops. Check out possum merino, which is possum fur mixed with sheep wool. It sounds like it should be cheap, but it isn't. 

3:00 PM Check out the Volvo Ocean Race. I'm way to jet-lagged for these upbeat people. 


5:00 PM New Zealand Royal Yacht Squadron, where I had a small snack.


8:00 PM Dinner at Monsoon Poon
The restaurant was great, but it was the type of restaurant you go to before a night of partying, which is not what I was about to do. So (naturally) I felt very weird in my workout clothing.
I have a intense internal struggle on whether I would or would not order a cocktail. I did not.


10:00 PM I wander the street. Check out the Aukland Art and Music Festival.
Aukland place turns into a party town at 9 PM.
I can barely keep my eyes open I'm so tired. Inner turmoil! Go out? No I don't want to go out. Why are all those boba places closed?

11:00 PM I realize that sick feeling I had been feeling all day ways actually jet lag, so I go to bed. 

Lessons Learned.
Don't fight sleep. 
Don't order cocktails when you're super tired.
Don't give up boba-opportunities. You'll regret it.

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