What You Need for Homemade Bubble Tea

When I was a kid, I didn't know what bubble tea was. All I knew was that it sounded trendy AF. Then one day, I finally tried it and I was HOOKED.

  • Recipe: The first thing you need is a BOMB recipe. This recipe ensures that your boba will be perfectly chewy & the tea will be perfectly steeped.
  • Boba: I like this one because it doesn't have too many random chemical ingredients. See my review of different pearls.
  • Good Quality Tea: This is really important. Lipton ain't gon' to fly, boo. I really like Tea People's tea.
  •  Straws: It really doesn't matter which ones you get. Some people like the stainless steel ones because they can reuse them.
  • Plastic cups (if you're really serious about the boba experience)
  • Equipment: Pot, spatula, patience

To Sweeten:

  • Brown Sugar: This is great depending on the type of tea you use. Brown sugar is excellent to sweeten Earl Gray and other black teas.
  • Honey: I prefer eating local honey. I have terrible allergies and I pretend that it helps. This is great to sweeten jasmine and other floral teas.

Pro Tips:

  • If you're putting ice in your tea- make sure the ice is made of filtered water. Unfiltered changes the taste. This sounds snobby, but trust me on this. Also, make sure your freezer doesn't have strong smelling items so the scent isn't soaked up by the ice.
  • Go to a farmers market for local honey. They'll usually let you taste before you buy. Make sure you're buying REAL honey.

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