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How to make long flights less painful

The Snobby FoodieTravel
How to make long flights less painful

Airplane travel  is so terrible it sometimes makes you forget you're actually going on vacation. Here are some ways you can make it better.

  1. Eat before the airport.  Airport sushi is in the same ranks of gas station Indian food. Also mind what you eat. Spicy food is not recommended.
  2. Bring a snack. I like unsalted pistachios.
  3. Minimize coffee consumption. It will mess up your sleep schedule and you'll have a miserable time. As I am writing this, I am consuming a latte and regretting it.
  4. Stay hydrated. I know you don't want to use the restroom, but this will keep you from experiencing international flight madness. To help with this, carry an empty water bottle past security and fill it up. (my favorite water bottle)
  5. Avoid large carry ons. You'll only use 2% of that shit on the plane.
  6. Download audiobooks and movies and bring headphones. (Current fave book- I recommend getting the audiobook).
  7. Watch what you touch. The airplane is a filthy flu quarantine. 
  8. Arrive early. Really. It will minimize stresss. And on that note, ask questions when you're lost or confused.
  9. Take a deep, cleansing shower before your flight. (This soap makes me feel squeaky clean.)
  10. Don't wear any make up. You'll get that nice greasy airplane glow within the first few hours. It does not mix well with make up. As a result, the Uber driver on your way to the airport might ask how many kids you have. (Wtf)
  11. If you have long hair, tie that -ish up. This will help you avoid airplane greasiness.
  12. Don't eat or drink anything that will make your teeth feel chalky (carbonated beverages). This is NOT a movie theater.
  13. A glass of wine on the flight is not so bad., but too much is a bad thing And try to adjust your sleep schedule to match your arrival country's time.
  14. Stay warm. Go for comfort in your clothing choices. 
  15. Carry deodorant and face wipes and Chapstick. (This chapstick - or rather eye balm is kind of expensive, but it's the best thing ever. It keeps my face moisturized without feeling too oily. Also it soothes my eyes during allergy season.)
  16. Have a good travel pillow. This is a LIFESAVER. No more open mouthed drooling on the plane for me. I like this one because you can also take it camping (it's convertible). I also like this one because it's inflatable and compact. 
  17. Keep your passport and travel documents in ONE place. Don't mix it up or else you'll end up panicking and unpacking your entire backpack trying to locate them.
  18. If you're petite, go for aisle or window, so you can lay claim to at least one of the arm rests.

Most importantly, remain calm. Gassy people, crying babies, seatmates who spill over into your seat- it happens. Ignore it! I mean that's why they invented in flight movies. 

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