Quick, Healthy Breakfasts: Fighting off the Hangry Goblins

Quick, Healthy Breakfasts: Fighting off the Hangry Goblins

Breakfast is SO important. It staves off the hangry goblins that live in your stomach and it gives you the energy to wake up. Unfortunately, it's an annoying meal to make. Who wants to cook breakfast and deal while getting ready for work? You end up with overcooked eggs and a half put-together look. It sucks. This is a post for people who need a healthy breakfast, but don't want to spend time in the morning making it.

This image is complete with fuzzy socks.

This image is complete with fuzzy socks.

If you want a quick breakfast, there's a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Quick breakfasts tend to be sweet, rather than savory
  • Don't expect Eggs Benny. These breakfasts will taste aite and will get the job done.

Food that can be made quickly the night before and reheated...

Steel cut oats with condiments.
I am not the biggest fan of oatmeal. It's just meh, but it fills you up. If you want something you can make the night before and eat quickly before you work out, eat oatmeal. Think of it as sexy cereal. Adding a bit of coconut oil and gogi berries make it bearable.

Protein Pancakes with Blueberries
It's pretty hard to mess up protein pancakes, and they freeze well. 

Not So Healthy, but Epic: Crepes with Blueberries and Coconut Maple Syrup
Girl, Alton Brown's recipe is the ish. Add a tiny bit of rum to the batter for flavor and you have the BOMB-est crepes ever.

 Oat Flour Waffles with Coconut Maple Syrup + Strawberries on Top
Don't expect these healthy alternative waffles to taste like your sour cream waffles. Regardless, they're good. Other healthy flours you can use: spelt flour and brown rice flour. Recipe coming soon.

Hard-Boiled Eggs
Bleh. At least it's super healthy.


Even Quicker Breakfasts
Unfortunately, when you decrease your time commitment to breakfast, the quality declines. But, hey, these are options for when you're desperate and when you want to put the least amount of effort into your breakfast...

A Banana
Yum. But you'll probably be hungry in an hour. 

Quick Oats
Steel Cut Oat's less sexy cousin. Put some fruits on top and you have yourself an Instagramable breakfast.

Protein + Water
Hold your nose and try your hardest not to taste anything. 

Chia Seed + Milk/Nut Milk
I've done this a couple times. It's aite. It gets old fast.

A Protein Drink
This one is a legitimate suggestion. I really like CorePower's Strawberry Banana Light protein drink. It's not too sweet and you can drink half of it and feel full. 

Protein Bar
I used to eat a lot of Think Thin Bars. It's not super sugary or caloric, and they don't taste bad. Eventually, you'll end up hating them because they remind you of hunger, but until then, they are a great snack.

Fry/Scramble an Egg, and Add Veggies if You're Feeling Fancy
This is a super healthy option, but it takes much longer than all the rest and requires more ingredients.  But it tastes so BOMB. If you have a tortilla and some salsa, you got yourself a breakfast taco.

I usually work out early in the morning and I need a quick snack so that I don't pass out while doing cardio. I hope this motley list of morning time snacks helps you eat breakfast. Breakfast really makes a difference in the energy I have during the day. Most importantly, it staves off the hanger goblins. 

What are some quick breakfasts you make? What did you eat this morning? Comment below!  Today, I ate plain-old steel cut oats, and I wasn't pleased, but at least I'm full. 

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