How to Be Socality Barbie for Halloween

How to Be Socality Barbie for Halloween


A food blog is trying to help me with my Halloween costume? ... YES!

Why you should be Socality Barbie?

  • It's relevant
  • It's an easy costume
  • You can put this together in a day
  • It's an inexpensive outfit (assuming you have quite a bit do this stuff in your closet- otherwise you're SOL)- at least hipster clothing is in
  • Have you seen this Instagram?

Here's what you need:

Grey or dark blue beanie
Where to get: Target or Amazon

Scoop-neck Sweater (off-pink or off-white)
Where to get: Macy's, JCPenny, Nordstrom

Hipster Glasses
Where to Get: Amazon

A auburn wig or some serious Halloween hairspray
Where to get: Spirit Halloween, Amazon (wig), Amazon (spray)

A poster board-  You'll make an Instagram frame and carry it around with you. Incorporate the hashtags above.
Where to get: Michael's, CVS, Office Depot

Chunky heeled boots (light tan or black)
Where to get: Macy's

Skinny Blue Jeans
Where to get: Your closet.

The Jacket
This is the hardest one. WTF is this jacket. Is it denim? Is it cargo? Is it an anorak? Is it a canvas jacket? I've pulled my hair out trying to search for it. 

After what seemed like hours of searching, here are a few things you can wear: a grey denim jacket, a drab green anorak or military jacket, or a tan canvas jacket.

For your face, you'll need some intense mascara and pink lipstick- and your skin needs to look #flawless. If you're looking for tips, this is the wrong place. Keep in mind: this is a food blog.


Expensive Extras...

Hipster Backpack
Where to get: Urban Outfitters

Hipster Camera
Where to get: No idea- I am not as dedicated or as much of a baller as you are.

Filling Your Instragram with Photos of You, Wilderness, and Latte Art
Where to get: Everyone has a few of these lying around.

Hopefully people understand what you are. If they don't they might just assume you're an Instagram-obsessed hispter. That's okay. Feel good about yourself. You put together a fantastic Halloween costume.

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