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ATX Tour: The Old Goodies

Preface: These post used to be called "off the beaten path". Since first posted, these places have become increasingly mainstream. In fact, I've been told that these places aren't "cool" any more. Regardless, I've quality-checked these venues, and determined that they're still BOMB.

Whenever I think of Austin, TX, I imagine loud, twangy strumming, think about the warm (sometimes excruciatingly hot) sun, and the confidence that I will have tacos soon.

Best of Austin, TX

This post was partly inspired by Aziz Ansari's story on a Chipotle bag, reminiscing of ATX, and  a realization I may have list problem.

On the back of some Chipotle bags (and in his book), Aziz describes the analysis paralysis we experience when we strive for "the best". In his book, he describes a brunch researched copiously  that didn't happen. In his research, he consults Yelp, Foursquare, and other sources and finally decides on a place. It turns out that his friends are unable to make it and the brunch never happens. He ends up going to that brunch place later, and apparently it's awesome.

Anyways, the lists I create are for these type of individuals. People who get excited by food and want to have "the best". I'll be that crazy person that does the Yelping/Foursquaring and updates these lists. More importantly, I eat the bad food, so you don't have to.

Here's to these old lists and many more to come. Cheers.

Austin Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants

Austin is a  hippy-dippy, vegan-friendly city, so naturally, I had a period where I was on a quest to find vegan food done right. This is food that makes you forget you're not eating meat and/or dairy. 

Often times, I would find places with hiked up prices and mediocre food. Vegan/vegetarian food should be less expensive than meat. I would also find meat substitutes that had sodium levels well above a normal person's daily intake.

Best Brunch in Austin, TX

Mexican inspired brunches are a staple of Texan cuisine (if not a necessity). Also, brunch is an activity that makes you feel classier than you are, much like happy hour.