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The Best Almond Jelly

I was always impressed when boba shops made their own almond jelly. Let me tell you a little secret... it's not that hard. In this recipe, I use agar agar instead of gelatin because it's vegan and has a firmer texture than gelatin. Something about having animal products in my desserts irks me a bit.

Best Boba Pearls

After a lot of bad boba, peppering boba scientists with questions, and trial and error, here is a review of top boba brands.

What makes good boba pearls:
Chewiness: Chewy, but not mushy
Ability to soak in flavors: the boba is like tofu in the way it soaks in flavors like brown sugar, honey, simple syrup, etc.
Consistency: Sometimes store bought packages of boba lack consistency.

The Best Boba in Austin, TX

Bubble tea is great, especially in Texas heat. At a price of $3.50 a pop, you want to get what you pay for. Here's how I judge boba.

Judging Boba - 
Boba should be chewy, but not mushy, and definitely not hard. It should have some flavor- whether it's brown sugar or honey.

Judging Tea -
It shouldn't be under or over-steeped. Also, powder is not preferred - it defeats the 'tea' part of bubble tea.