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Epic Eggplant Parmesan

Don't tell me the seedy title scare you. This eggplant parm is amazing - and a good sauce makes it so much better.

Ways you can make this super healthy: don't make the angel hair pasta, don't add mozzarella, don't bread your eggplant, and go light on the Parmesan.

Chicken Biryani in a 7 Second Vine

I talk a big game about biryani, but I've never posted a recipe. Until now.

What is Biryani?
It's a curry infused rice dish. Think of fruit infused water, but better- and spicier.

The Short Story

  1. Saute some vegetables.
  2. Add biryani seasoning and cook and ingredients until they are a curry. 
  3. Partially cook rice on stove.
  4. Partially cook chicken in curry.
  5. Layer rice and curry. Rice. Curry. Rice. Curry.
  6. Put in oven to bake.
  7. Eat with yogurt.
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