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Bay Area's Best Indian Food

Growing tired of sub-par Indian restaurants, The Snobby Foodie searched long and hard to find the Bay Area's Best Biryani. Her search took her to places so sketchy that she was sometimes afraid to leave her car. One time, she was served an overpriced plate of biryani, and she had to send it back because it was mushy and gross.

A Coffee Shop Opens Next to a Peet's

Recently, Coffee Shop opened in the city center of Walnut Creek... a few doors down from a Peet's coffee. DUN DUN DUN! 

The Incumbent.
For those of you not on the West Coast, Peet's is like Starbucks - except bolder. It guarantees you a 3.5/5 coffee. Our incumbent has outdoor seating and has been at its location longer than I've been alive.

It's patrons (called Peet-ics) are early morning bikers, yoga women (/men), and pre-work coffee drinkers (so basically everyone).

As you can see, Coffee Shop made a bold and dangerous move setting up shop next to Peet's.