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Best Camera for Food Photography

Buying a camera is stressful and expensive - I was just there. I bough my camera last Black Friday after months of intensive research. After a year of seeing competitors pop up, I'm still over the moon with my camera. Since Black Friday is right around the corner, I figured this was the perfect time for a post about the best camera for food blogging: the Sony a6000.

10 Food Faux Pas

Posts like these are some of my favorite to write. Unfortunately, they  have no actionable content.

Regardless, if you like sass and critique of those without common sense, these are some food practices I despise. STOP the madness.

11 Coffee Practices that Make Me Cringe

Stop the madness. Coffee offenders can come in all shapes and forms. It can be a barista of a hipster coffee shop or even your friend with the fancy espresso machine. These are coffee practices that should be punishable offenses.

I'm sorry if this is you. I hope this post is enlightening.