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How to Get Up Early - The Snobby Foodie Way

I have issues getting up early.

Most days in the week, I wake up at 5 AM. I've this time because it's exactly how much time I need to scarf something down and get to my work out class, which locks it's doors promptly at 5:30 AM. If I don't make it to class, I'm a very upset Rad, who woke up for no reason. 

Quick, Healthy Breakfasts: Fighting off the Hangry Goblins

Breakfast is SO important. It staves off the hangry goblins that live in your stomach and it gives you the energy to wake up. Unfortunately, it's an annoying meal to make. Who wants to cook breakfast and deal while getting ready for work? You end up with overcooked eggs and a half put-together look. It sucks. This is a post for people who need a healthy breakfast, but don't want to spend time in the morning making it.