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Do I need a pizza stone?

If you make at home and you you use a regularly pan, your pizza may turn out mushy, gooey, and baked in all the wrong places.

I know what you’re thinking: “Not another F appliance. I already have a crock pot, an Instant Pot, a rice cooker, a toaster, toaster oven. I’m drowning in appliances.” Enter pizza stone.

Quick & Easy Gluten Free Pizza

Ooh, girl, it's something gluten-free that doesn't taste like poo. If you've tried gluten free pastries, they taste yucky. 

Let's be honest: when a package has "gluten-free" written on it, it makes me want to walk in the other direction. When I finally find a gluten-free product that isn't super high in sodium & sugar, I'm ecstatic. My Celiac friends can enjoy the pleasure of gooey, bready food!

Venice Bakery's Seasoned pizza crust is has a buttery deliciousness to it - even though it's vegan. They sell it at Sprouts Farmer's Market.