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What to Pack for Summer Road Trip in Iceland

Packing stresses me out, and I don't do it until the last minute. Lists decrease my stress- and help me remember to bring my toothbrush. Here is a practical list of what you need for a week-long summer road trip in Iceland.

This list is for a summer road trip, but don't be fooled. Although the land is green and the sun is always out, it's still cold. The key to keeping warm is the art of layering - and removing layers before you get hot and sweaty.

Let me preface this list: I HATE being cold. This list was my attempt to stay warm. 

Where to Stay in Iceland

When you're planning a road trip, it's stressful deciding where to stay. You have to consider getting from point A --> B, drive time, and whether it's actually a place you'd like to spend the night. And for a foreigner, the long names of Icelandic cities doesn't make it any easier to make a plan.

Here is a sample itinerary with drive times and tips for your Icelandic road trip.

Trip Itinerary: New Zealand in 9 Days

They told us we were crazy but...

Naysayers- you can do North AND South Island of New Zealand in 9 days/ 8 nights. All it takes is a little bit of ambition and at least 2 cappuccinos a day. 

This post was inspired by something I read a while ago about being able to do a trip to Taipei in one weekend.

How it's going to work.
Today, I'll give you a board overview of the trip. Every week, I'll give a more in depth account of each day. This is hard for me- considering my tendency (and sheer delight) in spilling the beans. This is also because of the sheer amount of time it takes to organize content from a trip.

Day 1: Flight / Aukland

The Long Story.

Thursday, March 5

3:00 PM Call Uber.
Uber arrives late and I realize I'm going to be paying my way to the airport rather than just to the Bart station.
Uber driver asks me how many kids I have and tells me he dresses like a gang banger. I'm pissed and send Uber a well-worded email.

Snapshots of a 14-hr Drive Down the West Coast

The California and Oregon coastlines have a treacherous beauty to them because of the rugged coastline. Because of a little bit of driving procrastination,  I came to a bit of a predicament.

The Situation.

We had 1 day to get back to the Bay Area before the start of the week and had an important decision to make: Do we take the quicker, more boring drive down I-5 and get home in 10 hrs 20 minutes or do we fly by the seat of our pants and enjoy the California and Oregon coastlines (14 hrs 12 minutes)?